Get Ready to Wake Up Early and EMBRACE the GREEN!




Is The Blarney Blowout a bar crawl?
No, The Blarney Blowout is not a bar crawl, tickets are unique and can only be purchased and exchanged for one venue.

Is my ticket valid for other Blarney Blowout venues?
No, your ticket will only provide admittance to the venue it was purchased for. Please make sure you are buying tickets to the correct venue before completing your purchase.

Can I transfer my ticket to another venue if I made a mistake?
Yes, we will try to accommodate these requests via e-mail as long as the venue you wish to switch to is not sold out.

Where and when do I get my wristband?
Check-in is between 9AM-11AM the morning of the event. You will receive your wristband and party favors then.

Can I purchase tickets when I get there?
Yes, as long as the venue is not sold-out. Registering in advance guarantees you a spot and will save you money and time!

Can someone under 21 participate?
Sorry, you must be 21+ to enter The Blarney Blowout. Please bring proper identification.

Will food be available?
Yes, a complimentary breakfast buffet will be offered between 9AM and 12PM – There will also be food available for purchase a la carte.

Can I buy tickets the day of the event?
Yes, we recommend signing up ahead of time as it’ll save you money.

How can I get to the event?
If you are not taking public transportation, please do NOT drink and drive! Have a designated driver ready to pick you up.

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